- Reduced memory usage when outputting CRAM files.

- Maintenance update of the TNseq algorithm.

- Added DNBSEQ platform to support BGI sequencers.

- Improve speed of umi consensus when not outputting BI/BD tags.

- Added support of BGZF compressed interval list files as well as VCF and VCF.gz files.

- Modified the type of the AD, QSS and RPA FORMAT field in the VCF.

- Override unlimited stack size limit in Linux to prevent Linux bug with thread local storage allocation.

- Using an empty interval bed file will result in no processing done, as if the interval had 0 length.


- Added additional error checks and error reporting.

- Solved issue that would cause a crash when using BAM files containing reads without a sequence.

- Added option in util sort to handle supplementary reads after - processing with the umi tools.

- Solved issue in umi consensus that could cause results to depend on the number of threads.

- Solved issue in Haplotyper that could cause an out of bound memory access error in very rare circumstances

- Solved issue in util sort that could cause it to hang for single threaded jobs under very rare circumstances.

- Solved issue in umi consensus that could cause a segmentation fault.

- Solved issue in umi consensus that produced a non-informative group 0 histogram when using --min_reads 1.

- Error out when creating CRAM file containing reads beyond the reference end.

- Solved issue in plot that would not respect the SENTIEON_TMPDIR environmental variable.